I thought I’d share a quick idea I used in my classroom this week to help promote a love of reading.


independent reading


Reading is a part of every classroom in every school. Some students love it, while it seems others simply read because we tell them to! To help students feel motivated to read, I have them selecting their own “good fit” books which I blogged about here.


I am passionate about instilling a love of reading into my students. My Literacy Block features reading books, blogs, listening to stories on iPods, reading with the teacher, reading to friends, retelling stories to our class mascot Leo, reading plays, recording interesting words in texts and more.


I talk about how much I love reading, and I often have my students give verbal retells of books they are reading. To promote reading, we made a VoiceThread this week and published it on our class blog. Several students were asked to give a brief summary of their current “good fit” book to record on the VoiceThread. The students loved hearing themselves and we have received a number of comments on the blog post from students, parents and teachers. It also generated a good discussion in the classroom, about what books are popular, which series’ the students are enjoying and what books the children have at home.


It has been wonderful that other teachers and students from around the world have added comments to the VoiceThread too! Check it out below.



How do you help students develop a love of reading?