School begun for Victorian government schools this week. Teachers spent Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday doing professional development in schools before meeting their new grades on Friday.


Last year I took on the role of the Prep-Grade 2 Literacy Co-ordinator at my school. I will be doing this again in 2011, and my responsibilities will extend to managing the school’s literacy professional development throughout the year. On Monday afternoons staff will attend (on a rotational basis) Literacy, Numeracy and I.C.T workshops, designed to provide hands-on ideas and strategies that can be implemented in classrooms immediately.


My principal asked me at the end of last year if I would give a presentation to the whole staff at the beginning of 2011. The title of the presentation was Effective Elements of Effective Literacy Teaching. I agreed, thinking it would be a relatively straightforward task. However, once I started preparing over the holidays, I realised what a broad topic this really was. I was finding it difficult to find an approach that would suit Prep-Grade 6 teachers, as there is a huge range of literacy skills needed to teach various grade levels.


After a bit of thought, I decided to take a more practical and hands-on approach to the presentation. I decided the staff at school would be more inspired and motivated if they were given some examples of literacy activities that they could introduce into their classes straight away. The idea was to provide short and sharp explanations of things I like to do in my classroom, resources I have come across and ideas I found online. I will then go into more detail with some of the ideas in the Monday afternoon professional development sessions.


I prepared an “A-Z of Literacy” PowerPoint for the staff, which you can view below…


  What is your favourite Literacy professional development experience?

How does your school structure professional development?

What Literacy ideas would you like to learn more about?