Fun literacy game!

I played this “Multiple Meaning Word Finder” game recently with my Grade Two students and they loved it! It is a jeopordy-style activity and focuses on thinking of words that have multiple meanings (eg. can, bark, coat).



  • Choose to play a one-player or two-player game (we played girls and against boys).
  • Students take in turns to select an unnamed category and level (each level is worth different value of points). They are presented with two meanings of the one word, for example: A child OR a baby goat.
  • Students type in the correct answer and press submit.
  • If the answer is correct the points will be added to the team total.


I used this as an introduction to a literacy lesson, as it focuses on vocabulary and really gets the kids thinking. Students can decide whether to choose more basic questions (which are worth less points) or challenge themselvs with more tricky multiple-meaning words and score higher.


What fun literacy games do you like to play with your students?


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